On Internet security and customer data privacy, and the attempts of governments to unravel it all for questionable gains. I look at the case of LavaBit and the FBI attempting to access every customer’s data in order to get at one.

2009-06-02 (Updated: 2009-06-02 )

The .org TLD has been DNSSEC signed! And I got to flip the switch.

2009-02-22 (Updated: 2010-02-15 )

It’s generally accepted in the DNS community that using a stateful load balancer in front of DNS servers is a bad idea. Here I present one alternative that doesn’t require running routing daemons on the servers themselves.

2009-01-16 (Updated: 2009-01-16 )

Reacting to a couple of articles about the future of cloud computing, and thinking about what this might look like in the next few years.