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Matt Pounsett has variously been a musician, programmer, actor, unix systems administrator, teacher, audio engineer, grave digger, librarian, amusement park game operator, and a stage lighting designer.

He is currently not available to come to the phone.

During the day, and often at night, Matt works as a DNS infrastructure operator, and has been doing so for almost 20 years. He has run DNS operations for several major TLD registries, as well as for a variety of other types of DNS deployments. At the moment, Matt consults for various companies as Nimbus Operations, helping them out with their DNS infrastructure and other systems and network operations issues.

He enjoys live music, good beer, and speaking about himself in the third person.

And Another Thing

When not at work I might be working on this site, or software projects, or just fiddling around with new technologies. I got into computers in the first place as a natural progression from taking apart other bits of technology. The progression went something like: broken mechanical junk, broken electrical junk, 200-in-1 electronics kits (the ones with the spring connectors), very early computers, then DOS PCs with disk storage (instead of tapes), modems, and my very own BBS.

So it’s no wonder that I spend a lot of time just fiddling with new things, especially software.

This Site

Which brings me to this web site. It is a collection of reStructuredText documents, applied to Jinja2 templates by Pelican, which generates static HTML I can post online. It means I can have easily version-controlled content, but with a nice look, and no need to run any code or a database or anything on the web server. I’ll probably do a proper blog post about it soon, because I quite like where it’s at, and where I think I can take it.

Other Hobbies & Interests

We have several pets in the house which take up an astonishing amount of time. A dog with anxiety issues, two cats with the neediest of needs, and a 30 year old red-eared slider that mostly keeps to himself. I have a motorcycle that I don’t ride enough anymore, instruments that I don’t seem to find as much time to practice as I’d like, video games I’d like to spend more time with (I’m partial to simulations and strategy games), and more TV on the to-watch list than there is time left before the heat-death of the universe. I run a semi-weekly D&D game for friends, and my partner and I spend as much time as we can taking in live music and theatre.