Contact Me

Although I don't engage on social media a lot, it shouldn't be too hard to find me there. Lately I've been spending my time on Mastodon, and I have two accounts there: a personal one on Fosstodon where I am, and an account on the DNS-OARC "MastoDNS" instance, where I am The latter I mostly only use for OARC-related things, and to administrate that instance.

I basically shut down (but didn't delete) my Twitter account in the spring of 2023. I no longer post there, but you can still find my old tweets.

I'm going to leave reaching me by email as an exercise for the reader. It should not be difficult to figure that out, and by not putting my email address here there is one more small barrier to entry for spambots.

No, this domain is not for sale.

I should probably do a blog post about this at some point, but I receive an inquiry about selling about twice a week and each one is, by and large, laughable. If you insist on asking anyway, please keep in mind that this domain has been my personal home on the Internet for nearly 30 years. If your offer does not at least cover 30 years of registration fees your name will probably be at the top of the hypothetical future blog post on this subject, for the ridicule of all who see it.