Pomodoro Timers are a big thing in ADHD circles and elsewhere. The Algorithm recommended a video to me with an example someone built into their ZSH shell aliases, and it seems like a really good idea.

2023-01-05 (Updated: 2023-01-05 )

I’ve seen more than a few questions on mailing lists and on chat servers about migrating DNSSEC-signed zones between different server software. These are the steps I used to migrate a number of signed zones to Knot from BIND.


Moving my blog home from Blogspot will hopefully be a way to refresh my excitement about writing, and resume making regular updates.

2016-02-27 (Updated: 2016-02-27 )

I recently needed to install FreeNAS without being able to boot the installer on the target host, so had to resort to PXE and a network install. It was less straightforward than you might expect. This How-To should help anyone in a similar position.