I think it’s amazing the degree to which Obama has managed to inspire a new kind of patriotism among American citizens. For too long, American patriotism has been about how the US is cool just for being there. But really, what has the country done lately that Americans can be proud of? In the last few years a lot of people have been waking up to this, and attitudes are starting to change.. slowly… and I think Obama will be the catalyst to cause a new attitude of doing something about it to spread like wildfire.

People who criticize artists for speaking out about issues should love this video. Personally, I love the idea that there are people willing to try to use their celebrity to educate and affect important issues. But, for those who don’t like to hear what celebrities think you should do, here is what they pledge to do themselves, and a challenge to find your own.

For the other geeks out there, this seems like a great start. Are there other service projects geeks can get involved in?